Marlboro County Bulldawgs

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Marlboro County Bulldawgs

Welcome to a comprehensive site about Marlboro County Bulldog high school athletic website. Over the previous years, the Bulldogs have made a name for theirselves as they have captured numerous championships. Winning has became a habit to the Bulldog squads and seems that this habit can not be broken. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay.

Included in this website is a complete coverage of all the 2002 Spring Sports held at MCHS. Their are a few others that I may cover now and then, but I will mainly focus on Baseball/Softball, Soccer, and Tennis. The Spring Sports have yet to redeem a State Championship, but with a brand new Spring Sport Complex; this may motivate the Bulldogs to perform at their highest potential.

Even though MCHS is considered as a "rookie" school, that has not stopped their determination at achieving the championship, no matter what sport or what team it is. The Football and Basketball has great experience at winning titles and this 2002 year may be the year for the Spring Sport to make a name for themselves.

Who has the most likely chance of winning a championship this year?

Schedules will be posted onto the team's respected page of this website. The variety of pages are located on the left margin. Just click on any one of the sports to see a schedule, roster, and highlites of previous games.

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In baseball, Coach Boyd resigns as the Head Coach and offers Coach Craig Stone the opportunity to take this team far throughout the season. In Soccer, the boys and girls are off to a "rough" start but should pick up the pace in the upcoming Tournaments.

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